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Dried beans vs canned beans?

Beans... beans. Good for the heart. Either way you ride you're getting a powerhouse of antioxidants, protein, iron and more; but does one reign supreme?

Let's think of canned beans as the "fast food" of beans. Ultra convenient, packed with extra sodium sounds a lot like your typical drive-thru, right? Pretty much. Canned beans will run your wallet about three times as much as their dried counterparts, but in todays fast paced world... buying time is never a terrible idea. However, utilizing your favorite dried legume won't eat too much of your precious time. Heres the trick; plan ahead! Soak them over night... the next day all you have to do is let them cook on your stove while your'e doing something else around the house. Just set a timer incase you may forget!

We just hacked the one and only con of using dried beans; which is, planning ahead!

Ready for the pros of dried beans?

  • Save money!

  • You know every ingredient in your beans!

  • Greater nutrients and health benefits from the overnight soak!

  • Environmentally conscious; less packaging wasted because dried beans are more compact than canned (not to mention the BPA's cans come with!

Lets compare these to the pros of canned beans now...

  • Convenience and ease!

Cons of canned beans?

  • More money! Who wants to spend more money for the same thing?

  • More likely to be processed in large "mysterious" facilities!

  • Unwanted additives and preservatives!

  • Too much waste! (cans)

  • BPA's from cans!

Either way, you'll always be better off eating canned beans than any other processed foods. So if you're reading this good for you! Beans are great! We love beans, and we're glad you took the time to read a little bit about the difference between canned and dried!

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