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This is a sample menu. 

Explore our weekly menu featuring a delightful array of whole-food, plant-based meals. With a focus on diverse flavors and components, our menu evolves each week to offer you a refreshing and nutritious dining experience.

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Sweet Heat - Korean Garlic Chili Tofu Fried Rice

tofu dice. house made red bell pepper + garlic chili sauce. stir fried California brown rice with scallion roasted corn, peas and carrots, green beans + red cabbage.

Nashville Hot Black Eyed Pea Tempeh

house Nashville hot sauce with organic black eyed pea tempeh. Steamed broccoli.  gold potato medley over herbed farro + barley ancient grains. house rambo radish micro greens.  

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Heart of Palm "Crab Cake" Penne alla Vodka

San Marzano pomodoro vodka sauce, creamed with fresh puréed cashew. house made crab cake of  heart of palm + cannelloni bean & mirepoix. de cecco penne rigate. house cashew parmesan. fresh organic baby spinach.

Creamy Mushroom + Spinach Alfredo

garlic roasted button mushrooms. leeks & shallot sauté. fresh spinach and green peas. de cecco pasta.


Gold Potato + Chickpea Bell Pepper Curry

gold potatoes and chickpeas simmered with aromatic herbs, spices and tomatoes. steamed basmati rice. bell peppers and onions. crisp snap peas. spinach curry.

Sweet Potato + Chorizo Enchiladas

corn tortillas. stuffed with sweet potato + house chorizo. ancho enchilada sauce. sauteed zucchini and summer squash. pickled peppers + red onion garnish. tomatillo, cilantro. served over wild rice & beans


Carrot Cake Protein Overnight Oats

organic thick rolled oats. coconut milk. Orgain Organic Vanilla Protein. shredded carrots. thompson raisins. chopped walnut. whole cashew. Cinnamon dusted.

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