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Krave Plant Based

Real Plant Based Meals

Small batch, all vegan kitchen.

What to expect...


some bases we use: tahini, tomatoes, olive oils and vinegars.

Fresh herbs, greens, hemp seeds & nuts. Everything made from scratch and chef seasoned.

 scratch made sauces, cheese sauces made from whole foods 

like butternut squash, coconut milk and cashews.

Whole food protein packed meals filled with a variety of legumes, grains and other plant based vegan protein sources.  


Lions Mane Mushrooms being used in our kitchen. 

We use the freshest and most powerful superfoods available.

What are you waiting for?

Pink Sugar

Pause or Cancel

with ease.

24/7 Support

Subscription and single ordering options.

100% Money Back Guarentee


I shed a tear every time I eat one of these meals because they are so good lol. Delicious, affordable, and healthy. I love how natural their food is and how perfectly crafted they are by the chef. You seriously cannot find such delicious vegan meals like this at any restaurant, so happy I discovered Krave. Weekly meals delivered at my doorstep with full nutritional information.
Thank you for making eating so enjoyable. Each meal made with love.

John Thomas

You don't have to be Plant Based to LOVE Krave Plant Based Meals! The chefs have their craft down perfectly. There isn't a single meal I have tried yet that I wouldn't recommend to a friend or family member! As TheBodybuildingVegan, I am pretty picky about what I use to support my health and physique goals, and KPB delivers! All meals have macros listed, ingredients are sourced from quality (and when possible local) suppliers! I had been hesitant to trust a meal prep company, but I am genuinely so glad I did! Shoutout to the owner Storm, she is so sweet!


Never the same thing twice, excellent ingredients, exquisite taste and wonderful people! Best meal delivery service I’ve ever use and I’ve used a lot of them. I don’t really go to the grocery store anymore.

Presented by Storm
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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